Case Studies

Usability Testing and UX Training
Shantou University, China

Shantou University website

Friends of Shantou University invited us to enhance the ease of use and usage rates of Shantou University’s Intranet, MySTU, which serves students, teaching staff and other administrative staff.

Our work consisted of 2 phases: UX training and usability testing. In the first phase, we conducted a workshop to introduce the concepts and applications of usability testing to the university’s IT staff. In the second phase, we conducted in-depth interviews and usability tests to find out the design issues of the important MySTU features.

Expert Review
Largest eCommerce company in China

Tmall China website

The largest eCommerce company in China wants to expand to overseas markets. We conducted an expert review to find out its mobile app’s design issues from the Hong Kong customers’ perspectives What is intuitive to the Mainland Chinese users may not be intuitive to Hong Kong customers. Areas of investigation included the home screen, product searching/browsing, product details, payment and shipping. We also compared the app with other apps in similar consumer-targeted industries.

In-depth interview and online group discussion
US insurance company

US insurance company

A US insurance company wanted to understand the experience (from the journey of diagnosis to recovery) of cancer survivors and their family members in the Mainland China, and the roles of insurance products. We ran online discussion groups via WeChat with the cancer survivors and their family members to get an overview of different parts of their journeys. Afterwards, we conducted in-depth interviews with the selected research participants to find out the details of their experiences.

Usability testing / Eye Tracking / Competitive Analysis
Global Sources

Global Sources website

Global Sources is a leading B2B media company and trade facilitator in China. More than 1 million international buyers—including 95 of the world’s top 100 retailers—rely on Global Sources to import more profitably from international supply markets.

To help Global Sources maintain their competitive advantage, we analysed volume buyer behaviour through in-depth interviews, evaluated design concepts through usability and eye-tracking tests on and competing websites, and conducted training workshops so employees could design more user-friendly products and conduct their own usability tests.

Usability testing / Recruitment and selection
OpenSnap, OpenRice


The OpenSnap app is a mobile dining guide that lets users find restaurants on the go using only pictures. It utilises OpenRice content from one million restaurants across Asia.

We moderated two separate usability tests for OpenSnap to keep the project on schedule—the first completed prior to the app’s launch, and the second completed post-launch to test the following app features: restaurant searching, user searching, updating settings, bookmarking, taking photos, uploading photos, searching photos, and applying filters.

In-depth interview / Usability testing

Tencent logo

Tencent, China’s largest and most used Internet service portal, needed to evaluate its all-in-one app and find out the feedbacks of Hong Kong users.

We used in-depth interviews and usability testing to get WeChat Life ready for release. In-depth interviews provided Tencent with valuable information regarding target users’ behavior, interest areas, social media sharing habits, and overall impressions of the WeChat Life app. Usability testing provided additional information about how easily users were able to browse content, search and share content, take photos and play games.